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The Last Architect

The Last Architect

by Camille Delhommeau, Paul-Antoine Decaux, Rémi Dandois, Thomas Louisor, Thomas Rodeschini, Victor Jacquot, and tlouisor on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

In 2446, Nova, the last architect, smashes through her frustration of being fired thanks to a special opportunity.

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Nova is fired. Then, she wins a chance to play a VR game … At least, that’s what she thinks.

How we did it ?

Meet the team !

As one of the compositor, but also as the perfect Belguim citizen he is, Remi knows that like mussels can't be without the fries and the beer, compositing is always better with a good knowledge of the complete workflow. He was in charge of the whole apartment sequence, from the restore, the plate reprojection, the cgi add-ons but also and more importantly, the 3D integrated helmet. From the modelling, the 3D printed on set prop, the geo tracking, the shading, and the compositing he did it all, whithout him, no more virtual reality, so what are you gonna do about that uh ?!
As the second Compositor, and also a mathematic enthousiast, Paul love to develop a bunch of things, most of the time useless, but sometime quite useful: like the whole Virtual armor and gloves, where he made fully procedural setups, reacting to the gloves velocity and size using only a curvature, a wireframe and an ambiant occlusion. But also the setup for the glow in the city and worked closely with the two Thomas for the FXs, where he used all sorts of custom AOV to add complexity, like the glitches and the distortion trails of the voxels. He also did the title entirely in nuke, and he absolutely wanted me to write it, sorry guys.
As one of the Generalist, and the project's leader, Camille may not be very big in terms of height, but she does have a very big list of skills, either in project management or technical abilities, she did the layout, the lighting and the rendering of the flourishing environment at the end of the movie, and all the bushes, the trees, and the flowers, from concept to shading and modelling. She also made the concept for the hologram characters, modelled, rigged and animated them. We can't thank her enough for her ability to do wathever is needed.
Another one of the generalist, that found during the production a love for the procedural modelling in houdini. Among other various things as the rocks of the environment at the end, He more importantly did all the procedural buildings of the virtual world, which is a lot, like a 1000000 buildings freaking lot.

Thomas loves to destroy things, so he destroyed everything Victor procedurally made. He also is the proud creator with the other Thomas, of our houdini attribute to Clarisse shading workflow, that permitted us to use houdini's attribute in shading, and also custom AOV's to use in Comp.

Thomas, yes we have 2 of them, and they were sitting side by side during the whole production, what a good idea right, anyway, thomas was the layout, lighting, modeling, shading artist of the big distopyan city, but also of the protagnist's apartment. He created a very sad and Distopyan city, but he's always smilling that's weird right. He did almost everything for the City, both virtual and real, apart from Victor's procedural modelling, oh and the explosion, and herm well everything that was done in comp wich is everything that glows.. But no I assure you He made a lot !

As the specialist on our project, she helped us a lot by providing all the DMPs, and most importantly, doing the 2 earth shot at the begining of the movie, we can assurely say that she really helped the project to 'come down to earth' wink wink.

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