Elin Carlström
by heisekun on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

A 2d pixelart platformer made by 14 first-year students at The Game Assembly in Malmö, Sweden. Follow the journey of a small child helping fallen stars finding their way back to the night sky.

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In Polaris, the player shares a journey with small child after witnessing the stars in the night sky disappear. Together, the player and the child travels through dangerous lands to find and help the lost stars back to the night sky.

Polaris was made by a group of students at The Game Assembly in Malmö, Sweden.

Download Polaris here!

Developement team:

Game Programming:
Anton Johansson
Benjamin Mättö
Erik Nossborn
Hugo Rogmark
Jens Berg
Rémi Mrozek

Level Design:
Gabriel Hector
William Fredriksson

Environment, UI & Character Art:
Anton Sjöholm
Sam Frisk
Sanna Friberg

Alfred Egnér
Elin Carlström
Tova Nyström

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