by Pauloliv on 27 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hello. I'm Christophe Olivier, a first year student at Brassart Aix en provence in France. Here are my two best production of the year in 3D art Enjoy!

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 « Dan Fana » is a character I created for a project we’ve got in our school , Brassart Aix-en-Provence. The subject was to create an armor for a character. And I loved so much character design that I tried to create the entire character by : sculpting , retopologizing, shading and texturing.

Doing the textures took me much time than i thought, since i separated every piece of the armor and texture them one by one in substance painter. I had more control over it, but it was a lot time consuming

i also did a major part of the texture in photoshop, using the mask, filters, and effects.

For the image rendering, I wanted something between realistic and cartoon. So I did a render in vray and made final modification with photoshop : playing with hue and saturation, curve and levels. After all of those modifications I was satisfied with the result.

I use three lights to get this cozy ambiant light. One for the sky : an HDRI dome, and the two other : a blueish one and an orange one to contrast the different values of colors and bring out the character and as much details as possible.

It was a challenge for me to make hard surface in Zbrush since I always use 3DS MAX for this.

But I'm glad I did it. I really enjoy that part which was full of discoveries.

I learned so much during this process!

My reference for the character was my own painting concept from school exercise: an hybrid animal. I always sculpt human beings, so I decided to sculpt the hybrid I draw in class.

The 3D subject was Armor and then i told myself : Hey why not putting him an armor instead of that Star Wars cap ? And that's how i came up with "MECHANIC LEZARD" A Lezard that is able to repair all kind of electronics machines.

FABA is another project I did last year for a school exercise.

We had to modelizing, texturing and rendering an engine machine using 3DS MAX, Substance Painter and Vray.

The Faba is a car that are used as Taxi in my country.

making in 3d the car that i always took to go home after school bring back a lot of Nostalgie into me.

For this project i first did the car modeling in 3DS MAX, then i went to Substance painter for texturing. After that i came back to max to plug the textures and finally did the render in Vray.
The last modifications were done in Phosothop.

The painting of the car was also done by me. i ended up changing some area of the car to match it on what i really wanted.

And That's all!

Thanks for your interest in my work.

I hope you like it.

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