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So Hasegawa - 3D Game Character & Environment

So Hasegawa - 3D Game Character & Environment

by sodash on 23 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

These are the collection of my first artworks I've created in the first year at Mages Institute of Excellence. All the projects are individual and needed to optimize for game.

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Next-Gen game character "Ake"

This is my original character I did recently, it was my first attempt creating a game character. The theme of the concept is samurai but I wanted to incorporate modern ideas/elements. All the costumes and accessories are based on the actual references. The texture resolution is all 2K except hair (1K). It was 2 months project.

Real time render in Marmoset

Prop - Katana

High-poly in Zbrush

Total 5 texture sets: Weapons, Headgear/ Cloths/ Accessories/ Face, fingers, eyes/ Hair

Blocking out in Marvelous Designer

First pass in Substance Painter. Determine the basic colors and combination to smoothen the process of texturing. 

Rialto, Environment Design - Unity HDRP Pipeline

This is also my first game-ready environment that I worked on before the character. Unity was the requirement in this project for rendering, I used latest HDRP pipeline in order to achieve those realistic AAA render. The environment is based on Italy, Rialto and I did modeling and texturing using the actual references, the final layout was done by me.

Real time in Unity

Building 1, I-Ray

Building 2, I-Ray 

Modular Gallery 



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