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by Céline Bader, Sophie Deschamps, and nicolaslebars on 27 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Here is our graduation project in game art, at New3dge school.

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Haven is a post-World War I world, where the blood of war has awakened an army of creatures. Forced to retreat into cities, Humanity survives and are subject to the laws of the growing religious order.


the storyboard was really important for us, because we wanted to explain the event before the creation of Azmar.

Aloyse Nestor 

Aloyse Nestor is the principal character of the game.

Prosthetist Interior

Our hero begins his journey in this place, he will meet Marlene who will help in his fight against oppression and to defend people from the creatures outside Azmar.

We want to give the player a feeling of insecurity before he reachs Marlène's workshop where the warm colour gives a more comforting feeling.


Marlene will help the player by making weapons for him and will give him quests to help him in his adventures.

Town: Azmar

Azmar is the game biggest city, the religion rules it and the militia make the order reign.

For the exterior we wanted a cold atmosphere which give a feeling of danger in this poor part of town where the militia abuse their power.


The militia is the personal army of the religion.



Sophie Deschamps - Environnement artist : Environnement modeling, Props, Lighting, Texturing, Storyboard

Céline Bader - Environnement artist : Environnement modeling, Props, Lighting, Texturing, Tech art, Weapon artist

Nicolas Le Bars -  Character artist : Chara Design, Chara modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Animation, Storyboard

If you want to learn more  about this project, we have an article on 80 lvl 

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