Lois Starkey - 3D Character Art

Lois Starkey - 3D Character Art

Lois Starkey
by loisstarkey on 16 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Here is a collection of my 3D character and Creature work, from my second-year game project at the University of Hertfordshire.

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Lois Starkey - 3D Character Artist

I was in charge of creating the characters for our second-year university game 'Equinox end of days'. All of the pieces in this submission are part of the game. These were my first stab at creating full characters, and I learnt so much from the process.

 This Character is an old fisherman who acts as the narrator in the game. I wanted to create a face that's been lived in and faced harsh conditions. I was trying to focus on building volume and enjoyed using a cross-hatch method in creating his face. In the future, I want to work on the clothing a little more, focusing on making the edges more believable.

The Sea Creature - When successfully summoned in-game, this cosmic horror inspired ancient creature drags itself out of the sea. Concept and design by me, I wanted to make a gory and twisted version of a mermaid. I had the most fun with this one.

Edward Travellion - Our main playable Character in the game, a young farmer. As this game was set in Scilly in the 60s I wanted this to show through clothing choice, by making the trousers high waisted, the addition of suspenders and glasses something that resembles that era. 

My concept art which inspired the character designs.

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