Behind the Beast

Behind the Beast

Linda Dussine
by Christophe Labrousse, Cédric Chauzy, Fabrice Vecchini, Linda Dussine, Steve Dato, Thibaud Lafond-Fenonjoie, and lyloutred on 13 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

"Behind the Beast" is a student graduation short film made at ESMA Montpellier, France. (2019) ؜؜؜؜؜؜؜؜؜؜؜؜Directors : Cédric CHAUZY, Steve DATO, Linda DUSSINE, Christophe LABROUSSE, Thibaud LAFOND-FENONJOIE and Fabrice VECCHINI. ؜؜؜؜؜؜؜؜؜؜؜؜

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