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On his way to Agartha
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On his way to Agartha

establishing mood, lighting , refining ideas

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Update - 1 May 2020

And here is my final image. Everything was basically polishing at this stage once I added that little guy on the frame. Hope you enjoyed it, thanks for reading !

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Update - 30 Apr 2020

Here are some images that will guide the global direction of my image. Shapes, color and mood are the main reasons i choose them, keeping sure that there is no contradicition between them.

I also refine the design of the giant gate before stepping into lighting setup.

Reference art from Max Bedulenko, Finnian MacManus and Mathieu Lauffray.

Update - 26 Apr 2020

Hi.I would like to share here my process working around the illustration I am doing for this contest.

I begin very loosely with no references yet , to keep as much freedom as i can at this stage. The goal is to find a good composition quickly, and I will refine it with references after

Now that i know my global composition will not move too much from this one, I'll start gather some references to give a more precise direction to my image.