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Fantasy Creature Design

Fantasy Creature Design

by Aidan Whiting and aidanwhiting on 24 Apr 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

This entry goes through the process used to design a realistic fantasy creature.

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This university project was based around designing creatures using ink blotch like silhouettes in a random and haphazard way. These shapes would then be drawn over with a strong focus on anatomy to create believable creatures. This method was used to alleviate art block and generate outcomes that would not have been arrived at otherwise. After a selection of creatures were generated, which took very little time due to the speed of the process, one was chosen to take forward into final concept and eventually sculpted to prove the viability of the workflow.

Number 2 was chosen for its presence and interesting jaw structure. The idea behind it would be that it would dig its horn into the ground scooping up roots and small animals in its mouth. As it chews it would dispose of any soil it picks up through the separation in its lower jaw. Later on nostrils were added to its back hump so that it would be easier to breath when burrowing into the ground. Following is an anatomical breakdown, colour options and turnarounds.

From here the creature was sculpted and textured. It was finally placed on a sci-fi museum stand. Taken further other creatures could be made for a creature museum portfolio to be walked through. Here is another still render and a turntable where topology can be seen.

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