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Ancient Temple
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Ancient Temple

An ancient temple built by an unknow civilization is discovered by a little group of explorer!

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Update - 10 Apr 2020

Here is the final update for my submission! Hope you'll like it!

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Update - 26 Mar 2020

Some changes on the 3d scene to improve the ruins feeling

Beginning of the atmo work with this new base

Update - 23 Mar 2020

Here is the beginning of my work on Photoshop to obtain the right mood!

Update - 23 Mar 2020

3D phase is over. Here is the render I will use to build my final image with a lot of modification and adjustment on Photoshop!

Update - 20 Mar 2020

Some light test to find the good atmo before working more on this!

Need to still work  on some materials.

Update - 17 Mar 2020

Ancient Temple

The brief is an ancient and forgiven temple built by a mysterious civilization who is discovered nowadays by an explorer group. 
I want to design the interior of a temple with some thrones and statues. A big room with a hole in the roof like in the Pantheon. The light will come from this hole and will draw a circle on the floor with our 3 people group inside. 
It will be a little bit foggy atmos to see some light rays.

Above it's the first exploration. I chosen the 3

Here it's the exploration around the 3rd idea above. I chosen one again the 3 here.

Then I moved to some other exploration around the 3rd version with some trees and plants. Not sure for the moment but I think I will go on the 2nd.
Now I will make the 3D base before to move on photoshop.