Inner Monster
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Inner Monster

Steven Lin
by stevelin on 12 Feb 2020 for Monster Challenge

Constantly hunting and devouring its prey. The monster obtains the DNA of its prey and adapting. Is it wanting to become more human, animal or monster?

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Update - 26 Feb 2020

I have done a lot of thinking and I have decide to redesign my monster, because I feel my design is too much of werewolf and I am playing it too safe. So here is my new monster design concept. More monster and more horror, and more focused on a set amount of animal parts.

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Update - 23 Feb 2020

I have been working on some anatomy and proportions. There is still a lot of refining to do. I have been deliberately sculpting without symmetry to create different proportions of the monster. I also thought that Dr Frankenstein may not have had all the right parts for his creation, so he had to use other animal part as a substitute. So some parts of the body may be bigger than others, and some muscles may be slightly out of place.

Update - 22 Feb 2020

Here is a starting scuplt. I'm not too happy with the shape and pose yet. I shall go and get more reference and more reference.

Update - 19 Feb 2020

I made some small adjustments and added a back story for the monster.

Update - 18 Feb 2020

I have been working on a new sketch. Been experimenting with LOTS of body parts and proportions; and constantly looking at references. I feel that I have my direction but I will keep refining and refining. Please criticise and comment :) Helps me a lot, thanks.

Update - 17 Feb 2020

Here are some experimentations with some silhouettes, and a sketch. I have been playing around with body parts and proportions. I will keep experimenting and see what I can produce. Please feel free to comment and criticize. I need it :) 

Update - 13 Feb 2020

A mood board/mind map to help me in my experiments.

Update - 12 Feb 2020

Below is just a rough guideline to help me stay on top of my plans and experiments...mwhahahaha!

I have created a very rough breakdown of the 'directors' notes and project brief. I threw in some ideas and thoughts to help me in the next step of my process. I will create a more finalised mindmap for the next post.