The Vicar's Pistol
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The Vicar's Pistol

Updated workflow for the Peaky Blinders Rookie challenge.

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Update - 10 Dec 2019

Progress for C96 pistol In Situ painting.

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Update - 9 Dec 2019

C96 Mauser Pistol paint-over.

Update - 6 Dec 2019

3D reference model for digital painting.

C96 Mauser Pistol, to be used by the Blinder's new member, the soldier-turned-catholic Vicar who abandoned the German Army, escaping to England after his squad was wiped out at the Western Front.

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Update - 6 Dec 2019

First week working on the Peaky Blinders design challenge. Beginning the project by putting together a moodboard and familiarising myself with the visual style of the time. I'm aiming to design a series of assets that will be used by a new member of the gang, starting the week out by making some silhouettes of guns in that time period. All work done on Photoshop.