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Anthony Mirloup
by anthocrea17 on 9 Oct 2019 for Summer Photorealism

All Elements stylised in Blender 2.79. I made all this scene except cars. I textured road, shadering cars materials in blender, all material was made in Blender. I tried to make the same thing in the series Riverdale.

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Update - 9 Oct 2019

I wanted to remake the Pop chop scene like Riverdale Series. I like the universe and the light style old shool. This style is interesting i think. All thes elementes was modelised in blender 3D. Except for car it's a model but i made the shader paint for car and textures. All the scene has been modelised in blender 2.79. 3d is my passion since i was 15. This work is to show my passion. Every days :)  

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