Memories' Grove

Memories' Grove

by danshlu on 31 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

A 3D action adventure game that takes place in a magical forest, where the player has to traverse this foresty labyrinth in order to save it from destruction

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Hi! This is what I've done in a little project of mine called Memories' Grove. A game being done un Unreal taking place in a magical forest

First, I made various concepts for characters and possible moments of the game, mainly of the main character the player will play as.

Then, using Unreal and free assets I created various "concept areas" in 3D, and then I began doing sketches of various possible monsters

As this kept moving forward, I made a 3d model of the main character to see how it would look in the engine. It went through many phases until it reached an acceptable point, however it will be revised when entering full development

This project kept evolving, and as I kept learning to use Unreal, I chose to make a "concept" video of how the game could look. One that also works as a small idea of what the story is about, so I chose to make this into a small short film done entirely in Unreal, with the music done by the talented Ninichi, with the objective of marking it as a "conceptual animated intro" for the game.

This is  part of what has been done in the development of this game in the past 6 months. The project will keep moving forward and more design elements will be elaborated.

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