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Spite: The Dark Blight

Spite: The Dark Blight

Hanna Mårtensson
by Alexander Aschan, Amanda Larsson Westerdahl, Axel Hornay, Catarina Batista, Chris Rau, Filip Carkic, Frej Sjöström, Hanna Mårtensson, Kim Wilhelmsson, Mattias Ringström, Morris Gustafsson, Peter Nilsson, Simon Carlsson, Stina Arvidsson Rådestig, Tom Sandvik, Viktor Pramberg, and barklight on 31 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

You - Simone of Meadowlark - must stop the evil monarch who has risen the minions of dark. Now, on your journey embark and bring back the light to Trismark.

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Action RPG | 10 week half-time | Created with Barklights own game engine Eggshell

Barklight consists of the following wonderful team:

Graphical Artists:

Amanda Larsson Westerdahl | Catarina Batista | Stina Arvidsson Rådestig | Tom Sandvik


Alexander Aschan | Axel Hornay | Chris Rau | Filip Carkic | Frej Sjöström | Mattias Ringström | Morris Gustafsson

Level Designers:

Hanna Mårtensson | Peter Nilsson | Simon Carlsson

Technical Artists:

Kim Wilhelmsson | Viktor Pramberg

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