Miss goodbye

Miss goodbye

by ellie on 8 Apr 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

This is a story that describes how to face sadness. Story summary: In a car accident, single mother Stacy lost her son. She is crying every day, immersed in the grief of losing her son Abel. She also worked unreasonably and sold the flower shop. One day Stacy went to the grave of his son Abel as usual...

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This is a story about how to face sorrowful.

Producer / Li Hsien JEN / Hsien Chang CHEN / An-Qi-LI

Sound / Yiruma Performing Kiss The Rain / 2011 Sony Music Entertainment Korea Inc. / Beca Brayon Rhythm of the Rain.

Production Year / 2018

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 Collaborators: Li Hsien JEN Hsien Chang CHEN and An Qi LI