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Gaspard EICHER 2018-2019 Reel

Gaspard EICHER 2018-2019 Reel

by thejusticesong on 31 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Here the reel I've created for my last year at ArtFx, hope you'll enjoy ! (There's a bunch of breakdowns down bellow if you wanna check this out)

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Heather :

This is our end year character Heather, I create everything part of her creation, based on the concepts of Sofie Chabrol.

Model : 46 748 Tris

A corrupted beetle :

Thats one of my first project of the year, my goal was to create a cool looking creature, based on a real animal.
I chose the Dynastes Tityus as a model and decided to mix it with a zerg like vibe.

Model : 167 452 Faces

The Hallowed Blight : 

This a Sculpt that I've started back when the Halloween event started on Dead by daylight.

Its a fusion of the Doctor and the Wraith skin from the Hallowed blight.

Stylized Buste :

This is a stylized buste that I'm currently working on, I tried doing hairs and I'm currently creating textures on mari and shading on Arnold.

Model : 13 124 faces

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