L'Île de Serge

L'Île de Serge

Jacopo Rosano
by jrosano on 31 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

2D/3D Animation for a durable plastic installation presented during the Milan Design Week 2019

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L'Île de Serge

For Milan Design Week 2019, designer Sara Ricciardi was asked to share her vision of Serge Ferrari and its products in a beautiful indoor-outdoor venue, in the heart of Milan.“L’île de Serge”, as a tribute to the company’s production line: from turning the raw polymer material into yarn to the fabric woven from it.

Why Plastic? In a dense and quiet atmosphere, the installation honours the high quality, great resistance and unique comfort of these plastic products, developed through years of extensive research; if the plastic is durable, it does not need to be recycled.

I worked to build a strong digital side of the installation, cause in our project the artificial coexists with the natural. Starting from this concept we reimagined an island populated by flora and fauna, only visible in the digital ecosystem. You also can interact with the 3D Model of the installation (the island) and watch the Instagram Stories shot on the island through a Landing Page we created specifically for the event.

The Teaser

3D Isalnd inspired by Gorillaz - Plastic Beach, purple gummy whales and corals surround the plastic island. 


IG Stickers

I realized Animated Instagram Stickers to apply on the true island Installation, they take it easy and relax as the Seal sleeps and the Blowfish has blowed down. During the event people were populating the Island through those GIFs and sharing their IG stories.

Postcard from the Island...  :)

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