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Game Art Portfolio 2019

Game Art Portfolio 2019

Davide Gordon
by davidegordon on 31 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

My name is Davide Gordon and I pursue Game Art since May 2018. The following projects were all created by myself during the time from January to May 2019. I am still learning a lot, but I hope you enjoy my work so far.

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The following projects were all done in 2019. Most of them are based on an existing concept and are game ready. The textures were optimized for Unreal Engine 4.

This Creature is losely based on the "Rynyx" concept by Eric Franer and I created it for a group project in University. Rig and Pose were done by Janina Olejnicza.

This woman was my first real approach at a human character. During the process I learned a lot about creating clothing in Marvelous Designer, but also creating hair cards in Maya.

This was a personal project based on "Majin Boo" from "Dragonball Z". Here I enhanced my skillset regarding the human anatomy.

May I introduce "Red". A male version of the famous "Blue" from "Jurassic World" I came up with. This was also a personal project.

Meet Za' Kaal, the first 3D Character that was also game ready. He is based on the "Mutant 变种人"  2D Concept by the gifted Qi Wan. The Rig and Animations for this Character were done by my colluege Janina Olejniczak. In the following video we see Za' Kaal in action in my environment project for Unreal Engine 4 from February 2019. All assets visible were also done by me.

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