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Jillian - The Flimsy Mechanic

Jillian - The Flimsy Mechanic

Johannes Minh Triet Trinh
by johannestrinh on 31 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

A fun, quirky character done for my demo reel. Own concept.

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I was about half a year away from my graduation from PIXL VISN media arts academy. It was time to set on projects to do for my demo reel and there was one thing I absolutely wanted to put in. A really cool character.

I decided on a tipsy dipsy, lighthearted mechanic girl, paired with some retro vibes.       I had a blast creating this character, especially sculpting and texturing her.

Programms used are Maya, ZBrush, xGen, Substance Painter, Vray and Nuke.

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