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My Concept Designs and Illustrations

My Concept Designs and Illustrations

by adityaprabhu on 30 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Here are some of my curated works that I have created in these three years of my exploration in this field. This is a part of my ever continuing journey as an artist and I am more than happy to share these moments with you. Cheers :)

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A personal project that I had made in order to explore cinematic lighting and composition using a singular subject as the focus for the story. The story revolves around a legion of owl-like mechs that were sanctioned by the government of a fictional country to enforce law and order, as a measure against rising crime. I wanted to go for a realistic approach, hence the use of 3D felt appropriate to me.

The Invisible Rebellion

Here are some artworks that I had made for my college project, The Invisible Rebellion. The story revolves around three factions that are pitted against one another and make sure that they stay one step ahead of their rivals. The following pieces presents their perception of themselves, the world around them and their enemies. This encouraged me to explore different art styles, each suited based on the personality of each faction.

Process iterations to explore character personality, compositions suitable for storytelling etc.

'Into the Void' contest submission

This was my submission for the "Into The Void" 2018 Atomhawk Art Challenge. The main idea of my piece revolves around a pilot who has crashed landed into an unknown jungle, and has just discovered a mysterious and eerie cave, devoid of any light.

Discovery of The Avanesque

This was my final submission piece that I created during the Fundamentals of Environment design course under the guidance of David Harrington. In the four-week workshop, we learnt how to approach a specified brief and ideate based on references and cues that the brief provided. The story around my picture revolved around a weary traveller who has discovered a secret school, where a certain relic is worshipped by the inhabitants.

Studies and Illustrations

These were done in my spare time to improve technical aspects of painting and 3D such as brush efficiency, cinematic compositions, modelling,  eye for value and color, camera angles etc.

Composition and shape study done from the film, Lawrence of Arabia

Meditative bots- A great way to boost your aura and energy levels without the hassles of meditation, only for $9999!

A shot study of lighting, color and camera angles from the Batman: Arkham Origins trailer by Blur Studio.

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