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My Journey

My Journey

Lucas Couto
by Leonardo Soares, Lucas Couto, Luiza Diniz, Pedro Corgozinho, and lucascoutof on 31 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Hi! My name is Lucas Couto, i'm from Brazil and recently graduated in Digital Games. In my entry i will show what has been my journey to get in the game industry through contributions on projects that i participated in college and some studies after graduating focused in character modeling. Hope you like it! :)

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After trying and fail in the courses of Computer Science and Civil Engineering i dropped everything and stick with the idea to work in the game industry. I didn't knew how to do this so after some research i decide to go through education and found the Digital Games course at PUC Minas and decide to give it a try. Really soon i fell in love with the course and had the pleasure to work on these two projects, both of them with one year duration and made by four people:

Leonardo Soares - Game Programmer

Lucas Couto - 3D Artist, Animator, Technical Artist, Manager

Luiza Diniz - 2D/3D Artist, Animator, Art Director

Pedro Corgozinho - UI and Network Programmer, VFX Artist

Super Sentai Godangers

The happy city of Toysville has been invaded by terrible evil forces. The city's defense squad, the amazing Super Sentai Godangers must use their elemental powers of Godai to defeat the enemies and save the day.

Super Sentai Godangers is an Action-adventure game for pc. There are 4 playable characters each one with unique skills needed to resolve puzzles, 3 different environments with a boss at the end of each level.

My contribution

I had the opportunity to work on several parts of the project, but the most fun and challenging was:


This was our first contact with animation it was hard to learn all and apply the principles. To make the animations we use the rotoscope technique like these example:

So it was a lot of fun process to animate these two characters

Modeling and Texturing

For all the modeling we chose a low poly and hand painted style which was perfect for us to learn about modular assets.


This was the part that i liked the most to do. 

The default scenes usually don't have a good look, this added to the fact that we have a good variety of environments gave me plenty of space to create different lighting setups and play with the camera effects.

Here a example of the process:

Softwares: Blender, Unity3D, Photoshop, Krita.

Bed Time

During a pajamas party four children start a pillow fight that turns into an epic battle in the imaginary world of each one of them.

Bed Time is a battle arena game for pc where you play competitive matches against other players with toy weapons and must eliminate opponents, collect items and defeat monsters!

Time for battle! Challenge your friends and do not fall asleep!

My contribution

The characters were the most important part of this project and my main tasks were about them, so i had the opportunity to work with


My first contact with ZBrush, although I liked the result I had to struggle a lot to finish them


The playable characters share the same base rig in that way they can use the same animations which has saved time in production and made more easy to work in the game engine.


Besides doing cycles of animation I was also responsible for making them work inside the game engine and for this I had to implement a system of transition and sum of animations. This part was the most challenging to find technical solutions and to make them work well.

For hair and clothing i used a dynamic bone component that applies physics to the character's bones and causes them to move properly according to what the character does.

At the end the animations system for the playable characters was working like this:

The npcs was a fun part to work

For them I implemented a ragdoll along with a Blendshape animation and a collision system. Thus, when the character collides with the ragdoll he exerts a force on it and makes him move, as if he had kicked him. That made this npcs even more fun.


Even this being a part that I like, it was very difficult. This time I also had to consider the properties of all the materials present in the scenes different from when i used only the diffuse map.

Example of the process:

Final scene:

Softwares: ZBrush, Blender, Unity3D, Photoshop.

Those were the best things I did in college. Had a great time! I could learn a lot about team work, leadership and all processes in game production. I am very grateful to my teachers and friends of PUC Minas, they're all great!

I graduated in 2018 and after that i start to dedicate myself in character modeling that i found to be my passion.


Early in 2019 i took a course with Leticia Gillett called Sculp. I was felling kind of lost in my modeling process and this course was perfect for me. Leticia is a awesome teacher and i had the opportunity to sculpt Otto, a character created by Rayner Alencar.

Softwares: ZBrush, Photoshop.


To further improve my process I decided to make a 3D model of Plumba, a character created by Studio 2Minds. And this time I wanted to make it in real-time.

Softwares: ZBrush, Blender, Marmoset Toolbag, Photoshop.


I created Sara in a challenge for a cool event called Topia. She is a painter who wants to share with the world her visions about a magical place called Topia. With her I wanted to do an anatomy study and try to achieve a look similar to Disney Infinity and Disney princesses.

Softwares: ZBrush, Photoshop.

And this is the best I've done in my Journey. With each study I become even more passionate about creating characters.

Thank you if you've read my post so far :)

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