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6 Months in Motion Design

6 Months in Motion Design

Kimberly Yap
by kimberlyap on 30 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

A compilation of the projects I have worked on for the past 6 months in 3DSense Media School.

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Brief: To create the first letter of your name and making it look as good as possible.

Concept: I have always like those infinite loop videos, so I decided to try it out using C4D's physics. Making a machine alike kind of work.

Brief: To tell a story about the chosen brand, with 2d vector style and simple 3D object.

Concept: Making a video on Subway's, with their new tag line. Showing off how much customization you can do with your sandwiches.

Brief: Create a typography-based video to promote your chosen band's concert, or album launch.

Concept: Chose to make a video on a japanese band called Amazarashi. Explored glitching, yet modern fast paced motion that goes with the beats and such.

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