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3D Prop Art - Stylized & Handpainted

3D Prop Art - Stylized & Handpainted

Svenja Rösner
by schrahki on 30 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

I really enjoy creating stylized 3D props using handpainted texturing. The World of Warcraft art style is my biggest inspiration. I love to focus on small objects and to put love into every detail. So for this category, I want to showcase my recent best works in that field.

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Kul Tiras Treasure Chest ⚓️

The inspiration for this hero prop came from the new Kul Tiras race introduced into World of Warcraft with the Battle for Azeroth expansion. My goal with this piece was to make it fit into this already existing IP. I’ve concepted and created it alongside Jordan Powers’ “Aeon Core - Hero Prop Design and Texturing” Brushforge Gumroad tutorial, which taught me a lot of tricks I’m trying to implement into my workflow now as well. 

More details & concept art:

Explore the model inside the Sketchfab 3D Viewer:

I learned that when designing a more complex prop, it's also important to think about how it could function. This is why I also made an animation for the opening of this chest:

Pandaren Gold Mine - Prop Set & Diorama 🐼

For this project, my focus was on designing and creating a prop set fitting to the style of the World of Warcraft Pandaren race. I also tried to assemble the props together into a small final diorama scene. This piece was done for a university assignment during a one month timeframe.

More details & concept art:

Explore the whole, final scene in the Sketchfab 3D Viewer:

Additional Work 🖌️

Here's a collection of 3D props based on concepts by other artists I've made to focus on improving my modeling & texturing skills, and to learn to stay close and true to a given concept.

Fantasy Book (left side)
(Based on the concept art by Katerina Tipa:

Fishing Reel (right side)
(Based on the concept art by Maeve Broadin:

Fish Market
(Based on the concept art by H J W:

Tools 🛠️

The tools I use in my workflow so far are Maya for 3D modeling, UVs and animating, 3D Coat & Photoshop for the handpainted texturing and Sketchfab for rendering and the final presentation.

Thank you for taking the time to look through my entry! 🍀

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