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Fluffy Nature, a stylized unity environment scene

Fluffy Nature, a stylized unity environment scene

Robbe Heyde
by RobbeHeyde on 27 May 2024 for Rookie Awards 2024

A unity environment filled to the brim with fluffy nature! Made possible by the use of shaders. Foliage stylized to look like a 2D drawing. Main thing I want to showcase here are the shaders but the windmill and wood props are all handmade and sculpted by me aswell ^^

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In this entry I show off an environment I have made inside of unity.  This scene was majorly inspired by "Studio Ghibli" movies and I wanted to try to replicate their style using shaders. Another major goal for me was to attempt to create a very "fluffy" feeling foliage for the scene.

Breakdown shaders

Flower and grass shader described above! All the things described were used in the final product though very sparsely at times.

There is one big difference between the tree and bush shader being that the bush shader is a lit material so i could have cast shadows on it. The tree shader itself is an unlit shader (I prefer it since it gives me more control)

Progress Video

Started out from some (admittedly very rough looking) concept sketches where i tried out different compositions,  made the scene from the assets i had prepared after that sketch and put it together. After that I did a LOT of iterating and asked around for feedback and improved the scene even more for this submission :)


Post processing passes

First is regular image, second is with bloom, depth of field and vignette removed. Third is no post processing at all.

The colour correction did a lot of heavy lifting and I am very happy that I managed to use it to its fullest extent, though for next time I will leave post processing until later.

Assets used

Thank you all for having a look at my work! Have a great day ^^

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