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A Mermaid's Checklist

A Mermaid's Checklist

Imi Hudson
by Imianimates on 26 May 2024 for Rookie Awards 2024

A Mermaid's Checklist is based of something I really did as a child- I REALLY wanted to be a mermaid! Enjoy the journey of Mim and her two teddies Cuddles and Blossom as they prepare to go to the pool with dad, they are determined to complete all the criteria required to become a mermaid!

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This film is about 8 year old me and my beloved teddies Cuddles and Blossom finding a way for me to become a real life mermaid- which is something I actually tried to do, including trying to colour in my hair red to mimic Ariel from my favourite Disney film! Enjoy watching the chaos unfold in this journey to complete the checklist before dad takes them to the pool in the evening!

Meet the Characters!

This is Mim, Cuddles and Blossom, the main characters for my short film- Mim is a determind 8 year old girl who loves swimming so much she believes she's part mermaid. Cuddles is a small white bear who is rather cautious but very clever, he loves Mim very much but sometimes wonders about the practicality of her plans. And lastly Blossom, a sassy pink bunny who loves adventure but hates water- especially if it gets near her lovely long ears that are always tied neatly in blue ribbons! 

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