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Omote Tirman - 2024 Concept Art

Omote Tirman - 2024 Concept Art

Omoté Tirman
by Omote on 26 May 2024 for Rookie Awards 2024

Hi!! I'm Omote Tirman, Here's my entry for this year's contest!

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 In this personnal project my goal was to create a 3rd view video games inspired by the great book ‘A Magic steeped in poison’ written by Judy I. Lin. 

Here's Ning, the protagonist of the game. My goal for this character was to convey a joyful and caring vibe. The challenge was to visually show her ability to perform magic with tea, and to create an interesting design for her back since this is a third-person view game.

Kang was a fun and complex character to design. I had to show that he is part of an enemy royal bloodline, but also that he is a good person who has a relationship with Ning, the protagonist. I showed this connection by adding a ribbon that Ning gave him as a sign of friendship and also show through the design language that he is from an enemy family.

Xue is the antagonist of the game. She infiltrated the emperor's palace to work as a Shennong-shi master.

Tea Temple. Here's the Tea Temple it's an important place in the game, it's where Xue is hiding her secret laboratory. It's also the first time that I heavily use 3D in my process it's very new to me but I learn a lot about this workflow.

This place is where the adventures begin my goal here was to make a comfy and chill place and make sure that the house and the surroundings were coherent and practical for Ning's parent's profession and countryside life.

For the last piece of this project a scaryyy creature :), Ning uses her magic to travel into the spiritual world to fight poison sickness. This sickness sometimes manifests as a creature, symbolizing the type of poison. In this case, the Lycoris flower is the main ingredient of the poison.

Here's some character design done this year! :)

This project was made last summer but i still like the creature :)

Environment Design work done for school


I'd like to thank my friends and classmates who helped and motivated me all this year and also with whom I spent unforgettable moments.

Big thanks to my seniors who were just incredibly invested people. I learned a lot thanks to them and I always could count on them to have precious feedback

Finally, thank you to my teachers Stéphane Lopez, whose guidance allowed me to evolve as an artist, and to Timothée Mathon and the Artnest community, who helped me have a better mindset, and always keep storytelling in mind.

I almost forgot, thank you so much to Feng Zhu for his incredible videos, without which I wouldn't have made it here today.


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