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Nina Vasseur- Concept Art 2024

Nina Vasseur- Concept Art 2024

Nina Vasseur
by NinaVasseur on 21 May 2024 for Rookie Awards 2024

I'm a concept art student at Artside Game Art School in my 4th year of school and graduation year. Those are some of the things I made at school and on my free time. Hope you will like it !

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                        NEW DAWN

New dawn is a school project made at Artside game art school in 4 months. I wanted to make a co-op exploration and farming game in a post appo world. 

But with a slight twist, it would be happy and hopeful post appo and closer to a solar punk.

 So here's a preview of this project.   

                                              Main Chara

So here's one of the game's main characters, Paula. She's a dashing young woman full of life and good will. She's a brilliant mechanic, always on the lookout for forgotten objects to repair, dismantle, understand and improve. 

                                         World exploration

Game play Idea for Eda's shop and interaction with the NPCs

Here's an overview of the world in which the two principle characters will evolve, and of the npc they'll come across, with whom they'll be able to exchange and discover their backgrounds and personalities.


To conclude, here is the house that the characters will live in and which will need to be repaired. In addition, here are some props that can be used by the characters in accordance with their respective identities.

For their feedback and support during this project a big thanks to Quentin Gauthier, Arthur Mougne, Boel Oyino, Ines Rotzinger, Etienne Savoie, florent Boston, Jeremy Vitry and particularly to Florian Devos.


Here's a shorter project we did at school this year for a week with Boel Oyino. She's a little warrior who fights insects to protect her village at the risk of her life... or her arm. 

I really enjoyed doing this project, so it gave me the idea of continuing it a little on my own by creating the forest tavern owners and their star dishes! 

                                    LARVINA AND GRUB 
                                  AND THE WIGGLYWEB
                                       WONDER STEW

             UMA AND BUBBLE

This project was done last year about an oyster farmer living on a planet 90% covered in water. 

Many thanks to Felix Donnadio for the feedback! 

                 BARA AND VOLKA

In between classes, i wanted to create a little fantasy project about two young women, half human, half animal, living in a world full of prejudice that didn't accept them.

                                   Character Design

                                         Props Design


these are some of the little projects I've been working on during the year, just for fun. 


And finally, here's my end-of-year project at Artside Game Art School, well, a glimpse as it's still in progress. It's a project for a playable game demo done in collaboration with the school's 3D artists. We decided to create a narrative game set in a sad, gray, retro-futurist world, in which a young girl who feels out of place undertakes a dreamlike journey of initiation, running away from home to discover and forgive herself.

It was a very interesting and instructive experience to work with 3D artists, which pushed my way of thinking when making concepts.

And one last time, a big thank you to the entire artside game art school teaching team, especially Florian Devos.

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