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Sean Morris | Rookie Awards 2024 | Real Time Environment Artist

Sean Morris | Rookie Awards 2024 | Real Time Environment Artist

Sean Morris
by Smorris on 18 May 2024 for Rookie Awards 2024

Hello everyone, I'm Sean Morris, a student enrolled in the Environments and Props for Video Games program at Think Tank Online. My journey here has been enriching, and I'm thrilled to showcase the projects I've completed over the past two terms.

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Railway Station

For my final project in my advanced term at Think Tank, I was inspired by the innovative concepts of Joker Chen. Working on this project was both a challenge and a joy as I delved into his ideas. Throughout the process, I experimented with new techniques and workflows, particularly within Unreal Engine. The experience not only allowed me to create my piece but also expanded my skill set significantly


I started by breaking down the main reference, and trying to understand the mood I really wanted to go for with this piece. I settled for something fun and set in the wild west.

Reference Board:

Main Shots

Props & Foliage:


Large/Medium Props:

Medium Props:

Small Props:





Roughness/Albedo/Fully Shaded

Unreal Engine Material work:

Tileable Materials

A Dark Ritual

This was my final for my intermediate term, I wanted to go for something with a dark and moody atmosphere, with an intriguing story. This was my first full environment made in the video games pipeline, and I learned a ton during the entire process!

Main Shots:

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