Andy Lee - 2019 Rookie Submission

Andy Lee - 2019 Rookie Submission

Andy K Lee
by andyleeart12 on 30 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Hello! My name is Andy and I'm a concept artist specializing in environment and prop design. I currently attend Brainstorm school and Concept Design Academy in California. I also attend CGMA online. Thanks for looking!

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An dying walled city. Towering over the lower class shanty homes stands an array of towers that drill into the ground and extract oil and minerals for trade amongst other cities. 

An arboretum. A peaceful and green place where people can relax and enjoy the fresh air and the gardens. The architecture designs were inspired by Byzantine architecture and rhythms. 

Temple design inspired by ancient Indian architecture and patterning. 

A young boy, having taken a train to an alternate 1950s New York, arrives at the stations Grand Hall. Part of a larger historical fantasy story that I am creating and developing called Man of Tomorrow. 

Some process images that went into developing the elevator and signage designs. I started these designs with a few keywords that describe the function and emotional relevance I want to convey. Then I follow it up by researching and collecting reference photos that I believe best represent those keywords. I then either draw and sketch very loose ideas or design the silhouettes using limited values. I used a bit of both techniques for the props. After I have an idea i like I build the assets out in 3D (Blender to be specific) and render it out to apply extensive paintover's and photo-manipulation. 

Vehicle designs inspired by Tesla energy and old antique clocks as a form language base. Wanted to see how far I can extract and push the forms and proportions. Also part of the Man of Tomorrow story. 

A cephalopod mothership. The keywords focused on this design were alien, unfamiliar, and organic. These ships were grown by a colony of cephalopods and are used to travel to other terrestrial planets to drill and spread their spores to become multi-planetary. In this scenario, one of these ships land on Earth and decimates a small fishing town. Alternative designs and sketches provided.  

I got the fantastic opportunity to take a class at Brainstorm School called Form Language. Taught my Mark Castanon, I was part of a team to redesign and reimagine an IP but in a different time and genre. For our group, the IP we chose was Power Rangers and we wanted to do a fantastical take on it. I was in charge of designing the environment where the rangers get their suits and their powers. I imagined our heroes carrying their own amulets storing powerful crystals that will eventually morph into their suits. 

I was heavily inspired by ancient Byzantine architecture and symbols and used rutilated crystals as part of my form language for these designs. It was a blast!

These crystals are docked onto these platforms in the summoning chambers where the energy from the ores are extracted. 

Three quarter view of the summoning chambers. 5 docking platforms for 5 rangers. 

A series of exploration sketches done from my time at Brainstorm for World Building 2 at Brainstorm. Had a great time doing these!

Thanks for looking! 

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