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Angelo Cavaliere | Character Artist

Angelo Cavaliere | Character Artist

Angelo Cavaliere
by Angelocav on 18 May 2024 for Rookie Awards 2024

Ciao! My name is Angelo and I'm an aspiring Character Artist from Italy. Happy to enter the Rookie Awards 2024 and present the works I created after my education at Skyup Academy.

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Hello everyone, my name is Angelo, I'm a passionate Character Artist.

I started my journey in the world of 3D 8 months ago by attending the MasterClass at Skyup Academy. The course gave me a broad overview and I'm currently working to increase my skills and specialize in Sculpting and Character Modeling.

Venom - Maquette

In this project, I sculpted and reinterpreted my favorite Marvel character. I made this project with the main intention of improving my anatomical skills in Zbrush by following a Maquette Workflow.

Sculpture made entirely in Zbrush, rendered in Maya with Arnold.

Polypaint to Arnold

Comic Version

In this version, I wanted to recreate a stylized Comic version by playing with materials and BPR filters in Zbrush.

Zbrush Shots

Details and Polygroups

TurnTable - Comic Version

TurnTable - Clay Version

Guile - Street Fighter 

My second character model is Guile, an iconic character from Capcom's Street Fighter series.

For this project, made during my free time after Skyup Academy, I focused on creating a dramatic effect through the use of lighting, which I believe complements my vision of Guile in this project. In addition, I envisioned him as a more experienced character with a few more years, which I hope is reflected in the final product.

To realize my vision, I used different tools and techniques. I started with Zbrush for sculpting and Substance Painter to add texture to the character, making him more realistic and adding depth to his appearance.

For rendering, I used Maya with Arnold. I also used Marvelous Designer for the tank top and Xgen for grooming, in Xgen I encountered some obstacles, I could not achieve a convincing hairstyle and I'm currently deepening this tool.

Post-production in Photoshop.

Zbrush Views

The maps in Substance Painter

Albedo, Roughness and Specular

Army Tags

Sketch and Digital Painting

Rough sketch made for face construction in zbrush and Digital Painting made for alternative version with more stylized strokes.

Goblin - Character Portait

This 3D portrait was made based on an old rough Sketch of mine that was never completed. 

Project sculpted in Zbrush, Textures hand-painted in Substance 3D Painter, rendered in Maya with Arnold and post produced in Photoshop.

Grooming in Xgen

Some Zbrush views

Texture Maps

Albedo, Roughness, Curvature, Scattering

Rough sketch of the Concept
 thank you for taking the time to look at my works.

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