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High On Life: London

High On Life: London

High On Life: London is a student made project made by 15 members over a 12 week period. We were tasked to translate this wacky and engaging art direction to our own environment with a British-Twist.

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The Invasion of the G3 expands into London! The Garganticle has infested the O2 Arena, capturing the Humans for Drugs!

Team up with the Gatlian Gangster Iggzy to combat this slimy threat.

Gameplay Cinematic

High On Life: London is a fan-made environment created by 15 students over 12 weeks. We chose to base our project on North Greenwich in East London, drawn to the area's distinctive architecture. Our goal was to capture and re-create the art style of High on Life, showcasing our team's talents in a unique way. Heavily inspired by the in-game area Blim City, we aimed to reflect its perfect immersive experience for players.

Modular Buildings

Using Unreal Engine 5.2 Allowed us to have access to features such as Nanite and Lumen, which meant for further advanced lighting set ups and more detailed meshes without effecting performance. Despite this, we had to maintain an FPS above 30, achieved through optimization techniques such as using Material Instances and deleting hidden faces from meshes.

Characters and NPC's

The Characters interacting with the environment drove the immersive experience which Squach Games captured through High on Life. This was such a high priority during this project. Luckily we had two very keen organic artists up for the challenge!



Decals were used to highlight the unique environment, it further pushed the idea of not making sense what so ever!


Concept Art

Markets and Monster Concept

Food Concepts

Gatlian Concept

The Team 

Jack Ward - Art Director/VFX Artist/Set Dressing         Dil Erozkal - Producer/Tech

Martin Deskov - Environment Artist                                  Samir Ahmed - Environment Artist

Kiera Brady - Environment/Decal Artist                          Kleo Vigh - Environment Artist

Lily Le Ogden - Lighting Artist                                             Samuel Laverick - Organic Artist

Kasey Bexley-Ingold - Organic Artist                                Daniela Milciute - Foliage Artist

David Saggers - Tech Artist                                                   Ashad Ali - Prop Artist

Ethan Morris - Prop Artist                                                      Alex Burgess - Material Artist

Jay Heldmann - Material/Decal Artist                             Ishmam Ahmed - Material Artist

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