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Plushie Palooza

Plushie Palooza

Kevin Newell
by aliengutts on 17 May 2024 for Rookie Awards 2024

Rudy Raccoon’s love for plushies gets the better of him when he awakes and struggles to find his phone alarm ringing among them. Whilst searching through a pile of plush, he is unexpectedly teleported to the ‘Plush Dimension’, where he’ll have to venture through a plushy styled obstacle course to turn off his alarm.

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Plushie Palooza is my final University Short Film Project. This year I went solo and created a cute and comedic piece with an appeal to younger audiences, but of course I hope that older audiences enjoy it too! This was a very fun project, and I am pleased with the outcome  ♥

                                                   . Credits .

Kevin Newell - Story, Design & Animation

Philip Kraaijenhof - Sound Design & Voice of 'Rudy'

Thomas Mark Steggles - Music

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