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Hogwarts Invasion, Bioshock 1929 & more

Hogwarts Invasion, Bioshock 1929 & more

Scotty Poquerusse
by scottypqrs on 17 May 2024 for Rookie Awards 2024

Hello! I’m Scotty and I’m finishing up my studies at Institut Artline. 
Here is a selection of my favorite projects from the last few months. 
Hope you enjoy it !

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The inspiration for Hogwarts Invasion comes from Bloodborne. I wanted to have that blend of Harry Potter magic with Lovecraftian weirdness.

DAILY BUGLE (Interlude)

To wash our eyes from this cosmic bleakness, let’s imagine a Spider-Man spin off focused on Betty Brant at the Daily Bugle. Set in the 50s, it would be a slice of life mix between The Office and The It Crowd, with colourful characters like Jonah J Jameson and Jessica Jones.

The second image is inspired by Norman Rockwell and the Swiss design vibe.


What if Bioshock happened underground, in France at the end of the Roaring 20s ?
 The PTSD of soldiers from World War 1 can blend perfectly with paranoia, that’s why I wanted the theme to be plasmid addiction leading to more paranoia. It would conduct the euphoric underground city into chaos.

The project began in a « realistic » dark style and I scrapped it. I shifted toward something more stylised, to take full advantage of the Art Deco aesthetic (a bit of Art Nouveau and German Expressionism too) and to explore graphic shapes.

I think I can dig deeper with this project (no pun intended), I imagine it as a novel, with different people living at different floors underneath the ground à la Impel Down. For example, I want to make the character design of the Euphorie City Designer who is a beautiful blonde woman with 2 cats. I also want to explore the origins of the plasmids that come from an insectoid life form deep underground.


A school project that I am currently working on. 
I see it as a retro-futuristic take on Gotham, heavily influenced by Pierre Cardin and The Incredibles.
 I want this to feel « weirdly neo-futuristic », like something we rarely see anywhere. The second slide shows a cloud of words that represents my vision for this animated series project.

My goal with the characters was to make them as different as possible, in terms of shape language. For example, I wanted the Penguin to look like a literal penguin with his height and the color of his suit. 

It started as a Catwoman centric story but ended up being a heist involving her and the Penguin against Barbara Gordon. I wrote a few pitch and backstory for these characters, as tragic as I could. I plan on expanding this project with more concepts.


This one is a selection of character design exploration from a larger school project. The assignment was to bring a new take on a classic tale in the Victorian period. I chose the Snow Queen (Frozen) and I added some Fire Punch influence into the mix.


A glimpse at a fun school project, the assignment was to put a show that we enjoy, into an art style that we like. Here’s Mad Men in a Pixar-ish style !


A huge thank you to : Anthony Assandri, Laurent Miny, Roland Sarvarie and classmates. They guided me through this journey with passion and great advices.
 I’m available for work, you can contact me here or on my LinkedIn profile.

Thank you for reading.


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