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Lego "Up" | Fairy tale

Lego "Up" | Fairy tale

Alicia Rugama García
by AliciaRugama on 16 May 2024 for Rookie Awards 2024

A VFX project done in Houdini and Autodesk Maya, rendering with Redshift. Both of them were inspired by animated movies, trying to match their style. In these projects I mixed the 3D techniques that I know to create a full scenery with movement. These are original projects that I am pleased to share with The Rookies :)

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This project was modeled in Autodesk Maya and simulated in Houdini.

I modeled all the pieces that build the Lego house separately and made each piece a different RBD. Then I animated the house to make it fall from the table and break into pieces when it hit the floor. I set all the props that interact with the lego pieces as colliders to make the pieces bounce.

This scene was rendered in Redshift.

The props and lighting were modeled in Autodesk Maya and simulated in Houdini.

Some renders


Node tree


This project was inspirated by the Shrek movies, modeling the book that is shown in the films. The book and scenery were modeled in Autodesk Maya and then I did the simulation in Houdini. Vellum was used for the simulation, creating a paper that wraps the book and then it breaks into pieces that fly up, helped by the wind.

I rigged and animated the book to make it open, with the aim of making the pages a soft body, turning the pages by a breeze, setting a different force of wind in each page.

The whole scene was rendered in Redshift.

All the props and lighting were set in Autodesk Maya and textured in Substance Painter

Some renders

AO and Wireframe


Node tree

Coloring in Davinci resolve

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