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Rookie Awards 2019 - Everaldo Cavalcante

Rookie Awards 2019 - Everaldo Cavalcante

Everaldo Cavalcante
by ueveraldoc on 30 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

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Hello! This is my entry for the Rookie Awards 201, hope you enjoy it. :)

I'm Everaldo a 23yo Brazilian and I'm studying 3D for about 4 years,the most part of it was self-taught.

Wednesday Addams

The last character I have worked on, it was really amazing to discover new tools to work with grooming, it was a great challenge and I really enjoyed to work on her. I've used Zbrush to sculpt and create the hair base with Fibermesh. Retopology in Maya, textures in Substance Painter and lookdev in Maya with Vray and nHair. The concept art is from my friend Samara de Pieri

Breanna Ashworth

When I was working of her I've discovered a new workflow to deal with the hair and skin shader, the hair I've designered for at least 5 times from scratch, it's clear the difference between her to the Wednesday project, like this is a test doll to her. I love this character because of it, it's really brought my artistic vision to another level. Concept art by: Cedric Peyravernay


It was a anatomy study based on Rafael Souza's Onedynamesh excercise. I just loved to work on her.

The Deep One

Based on a Lovecraftian creature, ready for print(I think so).



and i have a good time modeling him. Character from Final Space.


Was really funny to find a way to make her fur work. I've enjoyed it. Concept by: Alongkorn Sanguansook

Sketchs and Studies

Some studies I've done in the last months, I really love to sculpt and just let the time pass having a good time pushing some polygons.

WIP - Caípora

I'm working on this project right now, it's the Caípora, a creature from the brazilian folklore.

He lives in the forests and protects nature in his own way. If you are hunting or deforesting just because you want to, it's better to start running.

Im creating this design to apply for an challange about creatures to Unhide Conference, probably the biggest conferences about Digital Art of Brazil. I'm trying to make him look at the most as a brazilian native and trying to bring a lot of cultural charge with him, mainly because I have Brazilian Native blood.

I'm glad that you've readed til here, hope you enjoy it!

Everaldo Cavalcante.

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