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Molly Hoskins

Molly Hoskins

by mollyhoskins on 30 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Please enjoy my collection of motion design work from my time studying at SCAD. I like to explore a variety of mixed media in my design process, from incorporating 2D and photography to 3D and typographic elements.

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I'm Molly Hoskins, and welcome to my portfolio! Let's begin!


To begin, this first short piece explores abstract motion design for Dua Lipa's song 'New Rules'. The surrealist representations of the lyrics are inspired by the beach themed and vibrant color palette and mood of the official music video, while adding a new twist of bringing static photography to life with the beat. I wanted to stretch the visualization of what each word and verse could mean.


These style frames explore the mythology and the fated story of Icarus, with words based on a poem of the tragedy by Erasmus Darwin. Through a combination of 3D, photography and typographic effects, Icarus remains ambiguous as he takes his final fall, snapshots in time as he meets his demise.


These conceptual frames highlight the historical and adventurous nature of the Nat Geo programming, integrating their modern logo into the peaceful scenery of the ocean. A rogue, washed up compass perfectly encompasses (pun intended) the adventurous nature and theme of discovery that the programs of the channel provide. 


As an advertising spot for Oreo, this piece shows us the behind-the-scenes race that definitely happens any time an oreo is created. I wanted this to be fun, bright, and appealing to the taste buds, all while finding a way to make a 2-D feel in a 3-D environment. 


These style frames are for a lyrical typographic concept for Bad Sun's song, 'Rearview'. The theme of this project was 'illustrative', and I wanted it to feel bright and colorful, while also with a tactile feel to the paint strokes that integrate with the photographic elements. The song is cheerful and nostalgic, which is why they have an aged, warm monochromatic  color palette.

Thanks for stopping by!

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