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Foxy Warrior: The Life Supplier

Foxy Warrior: The Life Supplier

Mireia Jou
by mireiajou on 30 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Mentorship project done at Think Tank Online inspired by the concept "197" from Su Jian Thanks to my mentor Gustavo Groppo, Think Tank Staff, classmates and my supportive friends and family.

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Year 2197

Wars over water have pushed the Earth to the limit. Genetics have wreaked havoc on society. The food chain has been altered and the values that used to reign civilizations are obsolete.

This character spends his days wandering around an almost-forgotten world. His only hope is to help the last remains of life form, purifying the little amount of water saved from radiation.

The morality change has motivated criminal gangs to loot and exterminate those trying to live in peace. This fox is committed to help these societies in danger. He fights to bring back what past life used to be.

He is a foxy warrior. He is a life supplier.

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