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Tooth and Claw

Tooth and Claw

Rex Beck
by rexibeck on 30 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

A mixture of various pieces and projects, demonstrating my development as a 2D artist since leaving university.

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Trick Weapon Concept: the Fisher Iron

Forged using the husk of an old, rotten anchor, the Fisher Iron allows the wielder to spear their prey on its three jagged tines. When the handle is pulled apart, the head of the Iron twists sharply and the tines rip downwards, eviscerating the impaled foe. The pick axe-like two handed form can be swung in broad, sweeping motions or hefted overhead for a concentrated blow with a sharpened anchor bill.

This weapon concept is part of a project I am currently working on, to create a series of concepts that could easily fit into the world of FromSoftware's Bloodborne. One of the most iconic features of Bloodborne are the trick weapons, which have a light and heavy form and are cleverly made to enable switching between the two even mid-combat. This detail created an interesting challenge in the design process, because the transforming mechanism had to look believable. I spent some time looking at different kinds of hinges, and some of the first concepts were inspired by the way an umbrella opens. I also wanted the two handed form of the weapon to be much larger than the one handed form, but have the whole thing still be self contained, and this was something I ended up having to tweak throughout the design period.  After seeking feedback, I rethought the proportions of the weapon, really pushing the folding aspect and making the crown wider and more formidable looking. Bloodborne's weapons are known for pushing the boundaries of what is 'weildable'. 

Creature Concepts


Hammerhead Sholf 

The Belugir and Hammerheaded Wolf are two creatures I designed in a personal experiment to combine a sea creature and its 'counterpart' on land. The main goal of the task was to focus on the anatomy and form of the creatures, as these would help ground them in reality. The variety of textures were a fun experiment, and also a great learning opportunity. 

10 Min Creature Sketches

A selection of outputs from timed digital sketching exercises, which have been a great help in increasing my speed and confidence.


Fan art of the Pokemon Breloom, done for a Character Design Challenge. This was a fun experiment with a more stylised use of line and shading, as well as a good excuse to research mushrooms. The best part for me was creating all the different species of Breloom based on mushroom types, as they all ended up with their own little personalities!

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