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Flavio Flüeler | 3D Modeling Artist

Flavio Flüeler | 3D Modeling Artist

Flavio Flüeler
by FlayFlavio on 24 May 2024 for Rookie Awards 2024

Welcome to my entry for The Rookies 2024! This portfolio showcases my 3D modeling work created over the past year.

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1. MP4

2. Viking Ship

A Viking ship is incomplete without its shields decorating the sides. That's why I designed and realised various shield designs for the ship's railing.

Thanks to the smart materials I created in Substance Painter, texturing the additional shields was very quick. These materials were then easy to apply to the various shields. Minor adjustments were only required for the mask of the red and black colour.

3. Boombeach Tank

The background used in the image above was not of my own creation. I sourced it from the Boom Beach TV Spot titled "Flamethrower." As it was very suitable for integrating my replica of the tank into a nice little still. Therefore I used Photoshop to retouch the image and integrating my tank into it.

The tank itself is a recreation of the tank "Tank Hunter" from the game BoomBeach.

4. Jeep Whillys

For the Jeep Willys project, I focused on capturing every detail by paying close attention to each part and modeling it accurately. To achieve this level of precision, I utilized an extensive collection of reference images, ensuring that every component was correctly represented. My goal was to faithfully recreate the Jeep Willys.

5. Meter Maid Cart

The background of the main render was created with the help of AI, with the intention to elevate the presentation of the piece. 

The meter-maid cart that I modeled is based on the concept below for Zootopia by Jim Martin .

6. Chompbot 5

For the main render, I used Quixel assets, which I distributed throughout the scene to increase the depth and visual appeal of the scene.

The Chompbot was modeled after the concepts below made by Jake Parker.

7. Violin

8. Guitar

The 3D model of the classical guitar served as a small approximation to the violin. It involves many of the same modeling steps but in a simpler form. Therefore, I considered it sensible to create this model first to eliminate any potential difficulties, familiarize myself with the less complex structure, internalize the process, and improve my skills.

To create the main render, I additionally used some Quixel assets to build the scene you see above.

9. Kitchen Environment

This project is a work in progress, and the materials are currently placeholders.

This environment was modeled after the picture below, created by Vanja Todoric.

10. Coffee Machine

The background and additional assets in the main render come from a free 3D kitchen that I downloaded. It was created by os_car. (Link)


This brings us to the end of my entry. I appreciate your time and I hope my work has sparked your interest. If you have any thoughts or feedback, please reach out—I'd love to hear from you!

Have a wonderful day :)

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