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Game Modelling

Game Modelling

Jamine Goh Ying Min
by jamiegoh on 16 Apr 2024 for Rookie Awards 2024

3D modelled assets for game done during the 1-year Game Art diploma at 3dsense Media School.

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Game Character Breakdown & Process


This project was done during Term 2 of the Game Art diploma programme offered by 3dsense Media School. In this term, I learnt the process & workflow of creating a character model for games, & I also created my first game-ready character model. The character model created was based on the concept, “Order of Thorns”, by Jianfeng Xing on artstation ( I chose this concept because the character had an interesting story behind the concept, & I also got to learn how to sculpt both complex organic shapes & hard surfaces.

Software used

1. Zbrush

2. Maya

3. Marvelous Designer

4. Marmoset Toolbag

5. Substance Painter

6. Hair Strand Designer

7. Photoshop

Final Renders


After finding my concept, the next step was to gather references on how the asset would look like, as well as the material. Once enough references were gathered, the character would be sculpted in Zbrush. First, the base & proportions were blocked out. Most of my armour was modelled using the Zmodeller function in Zbrush. Some assets such as the sword were modelled in Maya. Once the correct proportion & silhouette were achieved, details would be sculpted. Once the hi res model was done, I retopologized the character using Maya’s quad draw. After unwrapping, I baked the details from the hi res model to the low res model in Marmoset Toolbag, & then textured in Substance Painter. The textures & model was integrated in Marmoset Toolbag as well to finalise the look & create the lighting setup. The final renders were then done in Marmoset Toolbag as well.

Reference Compilation

The character concept was first broken down into different parts to get an idea of what kind of examples are needed. Since the character concept had a dynamic pose, a character sheet was drawn to get a clearer idea on how certain parts look. Both real life & game references were gathered. Real life references helped give an idea of how an object should look & game references gave references on how to detail & give me an idea of what AAA quality assets should look. Material references give an idea of how a material should look & create textures that look believable.


The character was mostly sculpted in Zbrush, while the swords were blocked out in Maya.

First, the main silhouette & proportions were blocked out. The cloth base was simulated in Marvelous Designer. For the vines, they were blocked out using Zspheres. The pores of the face were done using displacement map & Zwrap, followed by projection.

Below are some screenshots of the sculpting progress.

Final Hi Res Model


Haircards were created using Hair Strand Designer. It allows random generation of hair strands. Parameters such as frizziness & density can also be controlled. After creating the cards, they were manually placed in Maya using the spPaint3d plugin in Maya. The hairs cards were layered to build volume. Since the character’s head was covered in by the hood, hair cards were placed only where it is visible. The haircards & head base was imported into Marmoset to check if the volume was good enough.

Retopo, UV & Baking

The hi res sculpt was retopo-ed in Maya using quad draw.