Post Apocalyptic Cop

Post Apocalyptic Cop

by detergent on 12 Mar 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

My first attempt at a Zbrush Character, done for an assignment in Year 2. Had to rush this in a week since I was already late, hopefully the flaws are not too obvious. References were taken from Blacklight Retribution's Armour/Backpack Design, as well as Mark Strong's face.

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Base Model was done in Maya, then ported it over to zbrush to add details, tried to do as much stuff in Zbrush as possible without relying on Maya as I wanted to at least attempt hard surface modelling in Zbrush.

However, the pistol was almost fully done in Maya, as I was out of time and had to submit it, the grip's detail was done in Zbrush though.

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