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3D Assets for Games

3D Assets for Games

Liu Rui Yang Rayen
by rayenyanglr on 11 Apr 2024 for Rookie Awards 2024

3D modelled assets for game done during the 1-year Game Art diploma at 3dsense Media School.

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Game Character

3D character modelling project:

This is a 3D character project I did during my 2nd term in 3DSense Media School over the course of 4 months. This project has allowed me to learn a lot of the 3d modelling pipeline and process as well as new 3D softwares such as Maya, Zbrush and substance painter. Thanks to the guidance of my mentor Julian Khor and several other professional 3D lecturers, I was able to complete this masterpiece.

Original concept by Dospi Jin:

Character Showreel


Zbrush Renders



Texture Maps

Game Environment 

Game environment project:

This is a 3D game environment project I have done during term 3 of studying in 3DSense Media School. This project taught me a lot about technical rendering and creating textures and lighting. Thanks to the guidance of Venny Lie and several professional 3D lecturers, I have learnt a lot on creating appealing and atmospheric 3D environments, something that is new to me.

Original concept by Keira Santoso:

Beauty Shots



Bar Table

Coffee Machine

Grandfather Clock

Tea Table

Wall Shelf

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