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Ruades Vers L'Or - ESMA 2023

Ruades Vers L'Or - ESMA 2023

Graduation short movie from ESMA Toulouse, Promo 2023. Directed by BOURDEAU HERBIN Maxime, BROSSE Léa, CHARUEL Mael, COUZI Juliette, DUPERE Ophélie, DUPONT Aurore, FAYET Carla and SEAPHANH Oceane.

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"Ruades Vers L'Or"

And if two enemy bandits miss their hold-up because of their mounts ?

A Mexican bandit and his donkey are wandering through the desert when, suddenly, a train loaded with a wagonload of gold crosses the valley. They set off in pursuit, but they're not the only ones who desire the treasure it contains.

Which of the two rivals will succeed in stealing the gold and becoming the greatest Outlaw of the Wild West ?

Saddle up and gallop to the breakdown of our film !





Our challenge was to create 2 opposing bandit duos, the Mexican bandits on one side, and the Americans on the other.

Simplifying their silhouettes and exaggerating the proportions of their faces was key to accentuating the expressiveness of our characters.

For the chromatic range: dull, dark colors for one, saturated, ensolled colors for the other, to mark a strong opposition between the two duos.

The choice of separating the eyelid models into "flaps" recovers a simplification present in their 2D design.

The Donkey And The Stallion

The American Bandit and The Mexican Bandit

The Vehicles

Our stylization of the props was intended to exude instability while remaining organized and physically consistent.

We wanted the train to have an unstoppable look, and the mine vehicles to be kart-like.


Others Vehicles

Some Assets

Our main challenge was to create an infinite set, both outside during the turnaround and inside the mine.

In fact, we had to recreate a set per shot as well as lightRigg but also by setting up infinitely generated rails via Houdini.

To do this, we had to rely on a lot of reusable props, but mainly on cliffs and rocks with several faces and different constructions, so that the repetition pattern wouldn't be noticeable as the background progressed.




Directed by

Mael CHARUEL: [email protected] - Surfacing, Modeling, Lighting, Lookdev, Compositing, Grooming, Storytelling, Set Dress, Editing

Lea BROSSE : [email protected] - Animation, Layout, Rigging, Modeling, Storytelling, Editing

Oceane SEAPHANH: [email protected] - Animation, Layout, Rigging, Modeling, Concept Art, Storytelling

Maxime BOURDEAU-HERBIN : [email protected] - Surfacing, Compositing, Lighting, Lookdev, Grooming, Modeling, Storytelling, Set Dress

Carla FAYET : [email protected] - Surfacing, Modeling, Lighting, Lookdev, Compositing, Grooming, Concept, Set Dress

Juliette COUZI : [email protected] - Animation, Layout, Rigging, FX, Storytelling, Modeling

Ophelie DUPERE : [email protected] - Lighting, Lookdev, Compositing, Modeling, Grooming, Surfacing, Set Dress 

Aurore DUPONT : [email protected] - Animation, Layout, Storytelling, Rigging, Concept, FX 

Thanks to our FX helpers !

Aglaée PONS 



Original Score by 


Thanks to our musicians !

Louis CHENU - Electric Guitar

Guillaume HOARAU - Trumpet

Damien LACORE - Percussions

Yves LACORE - Banjo

Cyprien MESTRALLET - Violin

Thomas PEYROUNETTE - Electric Guitar

Marie TOURNIER - Violoncello

Sound Design & Editing 

Sebastien FOURNIER

Tristan LE BOZEC


5.1 Mixing



Le Studio des Aviateurs


Antoine PERRICHON - The American

José VICENTE - The Mexican

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