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Mossy Muddy Mat!
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Mossy Muddy Mat!

Oh no! Mat got all dirty playing outside, his beautiful moss and flowers are now covered in goopy mud! Maybe he can just draw a cute smiley face and still win the love of the judges :)

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Update - 19 Jan 2024

Here is the final Mossy Mat! With new little flowers and vines.

It was so much fun to get back into Substance Painter after months of not using it! I also got to use the knowledge I've gained from Substance Designer courses on Artstation which was very exciting. I've never really used Displacement maps or Path tools before and MAN, the path tool is my FAVOURITE now. I want to use it ALL THE TIME!! It's so easy and satisfying to use!

I'm very happy with the results: I can see so many things I could edit, adjust and add, and yet I'm still proud of what I ended up with :) I'm glad I got to finish my entry with something I am happy with, even if I had some life obstacles getting in the way of working on this!

I hope you find this little Mat just as cute as I wanted him to be! You have NO idea how slow my PC is from all the work I put on him, phewwww... (the render crashed as I write this)

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Update - 19 Jan 2024

On Today's Checklist:
🤔 Add Vines and Flowers
✅ Hand-paint some highlights and shadows

On Tomorrow's Checklist:
⭐⭐⭐: Fix that face's moistness!!!!
⭐⭐: Finally add those flowers!
⭐: Make the stone materials more aesthetically pleasing

Update - 18 Jan 2024

On Today's Checklist:
✅Fix the Face a bit!
✅ Hand-paint some highlights and shadows (WIP)
✅Create Bark texture 

(my boyfriend suggested it would be cooler if Mat was made out of wood than more dirt :] )

On Tomorrow's Checklist:
⭐⭐⭐ : Add Vines and Flowers
⭐⭐ : Hand-Paint more details
⭐: Switch the stone textures and the base's for something more my style

Update - 16 Jan 2024