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The Watcher Mat
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The Watcher Mat

Hi! This is my first contest entry on The Rookies and I'm happy to be here! I find this challenge super interesting, and great opportunity for improvement.

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Update - 19 Jan 2024

Hii! This is my last update for the MeetMat Contest 3.

It was my first time using displacement on Substance Painter, it was really challenging and I hope you like the result as much as I do. I wanted to recreate The Watcher from Horizon Zero Dawn because it’s the perfect mix of two of my biggest passions: dinosaurs and robots. 

In the final renders I added the three different eye colors, one of the most clear characteristic of the watcher.

I’m really satisfied of my work and happy to have been given the opportunity to participate to this contest.

Best luck to all!!

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Update - 18 Jan 2024

Hi! For this third upgrade, I focused on the lower part of the body, the chest and the details of the arms. I added some luminescent wires in the legs, in an attempt to slim down the overall look.

I completed the backbone and added more details on the front part of the model. 

For the arm details, I included some carbon fiber wires, as well as some luminescent wires in the outer part: in the inner part, I added a worn down hexagonal pattern.

In conclusion, I placed the meet mat on an iron platform, with some grass surrounding the feet in order to channel the spirit of the game

Update - 17 Jan 2024

Hi! In this second update, I started to add the base colors into the model. In order to create more depth, I added some details, and I also used the displacement.

I focused primarily on the head and the eye, which has two different colors: red when the Watcher in alert mode, and orange, when the target is engaged. 

Another unique characteristic of the Watcher is the glowing backbone, which I plan to add on the back of the model.

Update - 16 Jan 2024

Hi! For my MeetMat entry, I was inspired by the smallest machines in the videogame “Horizon Zero Dawn”, called Watchers, which were designed for reconnaissance. They come in two different versions: a basic one, and one upgraded with stronger features.

In the beginning, the were created to protect the other machines, however a phenomenon know ad “The Derangement” has caused these machines to become more aggressive towards humans.

I tried to adapt these shapes to the MeetMat, focusing mainly on on the eye and the backbone.