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Black WarMatmon
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Black WarMatmon

This is my entry based on the digimon Black WarGreymon. I give to you Black WarMatmon

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Update - 15 Jan 2024

01/09/2024 Update:

 Decision to enter the contest, and I'm definitely happy it was extended. What I'm attempting to do is make a Black WarGreymon version of Mat so Mat will digivolve into Black WarMatmon. :)

Below you can see the reference images I gathered, and then a quick sketch over.

01/13/2024 Update: I started playing around with Substance, but since I'm still fairly new to the program and found out we can use some displacement maps, I decided to jump into Zbrush. However, I quickly came to realize that I had modified the Meet Mat mesh too much, and displacement wouldn't work anymore. 

01/14/2024 Update: 

I sketched out some designs based on the reference image that focus more on the digital painting aspect for the Meet Mat challenge.

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