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The Invisible Mat - MeetMat 3
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The Invisible Mat - MeetMat 3

"The Invisible Man", the 1933 movie from Universal was the main inspiration of this project. I just thought it could make a nice and original MeetMat. This was my first time using displacement properly in Substance Painter. Copyrights for the image references and logo belong to Universal Studios

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Update - 15 Jan 2024

So. Not really a great surprise that I love Universal Classic Monsters. I've been a fan since I started watching horror movies and I thought the Invisible man could be a great character to recreate for the Meet Mat challenge for its very unique appearence and recognizable goggles. I've been inspired mostly by the first scenes of the 1933 movie, where the Invisible Man is first shown in a snow storm with a suitcase.

Final Renders from the Meet Mat cameras


I decided to create the bandages, the goggles and the suit all by hand with the displacement settings on Substance 3D Painter. I even decided to add some drapery to the suit to make it feel more authentic. 

It's been pretty fun to "sculpt" in a very different way I'm used to.

The opacity has been the funniest part tho. I decided to add a nose and small protuberance around the mouth to create that sense of a face under the bandages. Also I decided to play adding some snow that, just like in the movie, reveals the invisible man.

Some fancy renders inspired by the '30s film cameras

More renders focussed on displacement and height maps

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Update - 14 Jan 2024

Some early updates

Some references from the movie

Update - 14 Jan 2024

Original Concept

The idea has been changed multiple times because I wanted the Mat to be more characteristic and unique rather than copy-pasting an existing design. So I decided to remove the fake nose and the fake hair and add more of the "invisibility" factor on the face