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Mat The Climber
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Mat The Climber

Hi it's a pleasure to present to you, my first ever contest submission "Mat The Climber" for the Meet Mat 3 contest. I hope you like it, and stay around to see the idea unfold throughout the process :)

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Update - 18 Jan 2024

Hi again! The promised and also final update to "Mat The Climber".

I've added a few finishing touches, and I also gave him some gloves, so that he didn't have to freeze on those cold snowy days.

Further down I also included some insight in some of the layers, and some pictures of the process.

I'm so glad to see you guys liked it, and I'm happy with my first competition entry :)

And thank you for the competition, I will look forward to participate in more in the future!

Displacement Layers

Snow Layers + Explanation

The snow for my project is fully procedural, and can be used in any project as a smart material.

I've created it, with the main intend of being in full control, of where the snow lands and how it is distributed. To achieve this I've made good use of the "Light Generator", and a "Noise Texture" to give me full access to angle of snow, and snow distribution.

For the colors I've used 2 fill layers, one being the base white color, and the second being a slightly blue tint. The blue tint is being controlled by the Ambient Occlusion using the baked mesh map, while also using the snows displacement converted into a micro normal, to get the blue tint into all the small bumps as well.

Here's a quick explanation of each layer:

   1.   "Light generator" to determine falloff and angle.

   2.   "Levels" to balance the falloff.

   3.   "Noise layer (Perlin noise)" to distribute into spots, to create small bumps rather than one big blob.

   4.   "Warp filter" to distort the noise, to create some more interesting random patterns.

   5.   "Bevel Filter" to expand, and smoothen them out, to blend them together and round off the edges.

Each of these layers can be tweaked, to create all sorts of snow patterns. It's also possible to expand with more layers, to create even more complex snow patterns.

The only limitation currently being that it is dependent on displacement to get the full effect, and therefore requires a decent bit of geometry. Although in some cases it can be used, to create a normal map instead, and still provide a beautiful snowy result.

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Update - 9 Jan 2024


This is my first ever contest entry on The Rookies and I'm super happy to be here.

There's for sure still some work to be done here, but from looking at other peoples entries, it seems like I'm able to add updates along the way. This is why I'm now submitting, and I will then update it over time. 

I only discovered this contest after they extended the entry period, so this is the result of the past few days. My goal is to keep on working on this, as I find this challenge super interesting, and a great opportunity for improvement. For now I don't have that many pictures of the process, but I will add them later, as I have done incremental saves on points of interest for this reason.

Currently this is purely done in Adobe Substance 3D Painter, only using the included Alphas and Tools.

I also wanna include a lil list of things, I currently have in mind to work on, but might even expand this list:

      Fix displacements as there's room for improvements, and especially the fur.

      General detailing all around.

      Add gloves, and also add features to boots.

For now I hope you enjoy my entry, and I will keep it updated as I go along :)

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