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Meet Mummy
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Meet Mummy

Presenting my little stylized mummy for the Meet Mat 3 contest!

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Update - 6 Jan 2024

Additional Renders

Some Breakdowns

Different Lighting Scenarios

Final Thoughts

Here is my completed Meet Mummy project for the Meet Mat 3 competition! I'm happy with what I accomplished in the past 10 days. Since I usually texture in Mari, this was an opportunity to expand my skills in Substance Painter. It was worthwhile to work more extensively with paths and to create height/displacement maps in Substance Painter. Also, this project helped me to become more familiar with Substance Painter in general.

Aside from the few black and white maps I made early on in Substance Designer, I did everything in Substance Painter. I even completed all my renders in Painter using Iray. In the future, I think sculpting a face in Zbrush to create a displacement map for the head would have been much easier and cleaner.  Another thing I learned is that if you're really pushing the height maps to the limit, you will encounter some noise or distortions on render, especially if your material is reflective. (For example, the nose or edge of the headdress on my little guy.) My little mummy may not be perfect, but it was a great learning experience.

There are already some fantastic MeetMat entries being shared. Best of luck to everyone!

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Update - 3 Jan 2024

Here's my current update of my mummy. I've textured all the materials I had previously created. Although, I am still making adjustments, including playing around with roughness and color of some of them. For example, the sandy base is too clean and light right now compared to the rest of the textures. 

I am also starting to block in some clothes for my little guy using the path tool. With the contest deadline being extended, I will have enough time to add and texture these details. Although, I am still going to try to finish my MeetMat Mummy up by this weekend, because there's another project I need to resume.

Best of luck to everyone finishing up their entries!

Update - 1 Jan 2024

Happy New Year! Over the weekend, I adjusted my height maps and created some masks for my materials. I added some base colors for the materials. I did further texturing to some of the jewelry stones and created a sandy dirt for the bottom of the base. 

Concept update: I converted the necklace into a collar part of the funerary mask. I think this looks better since there isn't such a stark contrast between the head and body of the model. (I initially tried bandages up on the head under the chin, but I didn't like the way it looked.)

Next up is texturing and adding a bunch of grunge and wear.

Update - 30 Dec 2023

Over the past two days, I spent the majority of my time creating the height/displacement maps in Substance Painter. I found additional references of Egyptian bracelets from the Metropolitan Musuem of Art and the Egyptian Museum in Cairo to use as inspiration for the jewelry. I ended up adjusting the headdress and made it a bit smaller than my original plan, because my test render had nasty, jaggy artifacts. For the bandages, I used Substance Designer to layer little strips on top of one another to create a basic height map for the bands. Then, I built upon this height base in Substance Painter. I still need to adjust the bands to go with the flow of the character. Right now they are using planar projections. Overall, I'm happy with how the height map is turning out.

Additionally, I used Substance Designer to create some Alphas for the pink granite of the Substance logo on the base and went ahead and textured the S on the base. I currently have a smart material marble texture on the rest of the base, but I'm planning to adjust it.

Some concept updates: After playing around, I decided I'm going to create more of a funerary mask on the face rather than just bandages. Therefore, I added some face details only using painting in Substance Painter. I'm pretty happy with how it looks, but I may make some adjustments. Also, I've decided to scrap the shoes for now. I will add them if I have time. 

Next up is continuing to fix the height maps and moving on to the full texturing.

Update - 28 Dec 2023

I know I'm late to this contest, but I'm going to try to create an entry in one week for Meet Mat 3. I'm excited to participate as I've been brushing up on my Substance Painter skills recently! Also, thank you for the Meet Mat tutorials. I found the parts about how the pen tool works in Substance Painter and about enhancing the height map the most helpful. Let's give this a go!

Besides watching the Meet Mat 3 tutorials, I gathered some references and did a quick paint over in photoshop of what I would like to create. As a kid, I was really fascinated by Ancient Egypt. I am using this as my inspiration for my Meet Mat entry to create a little stylized mummy. We'll see if I'm able to make this little guy and how far I can push it in basically one week.